GM Ji Pyo Lim (7º Dan)


Start Taekwondo


1st Dan


Youngest International Referee (Kyorugi) in the world


Swedish Referee Director


Swedens first Poomsae International Referee


Swedish Poomsae Head Coach.


Selling my full time school with 500 students


Rank 1 in Europe Poomsae A-class


New Taekwondo business systems.


Finland Poomsae Head Coach.


Kukkiwon 7 Dan


Vice President of Swedish Taekwondo Federation


Owner of 7 schools in Sweden and 2 schools in Finland with 800 students


Personal competition results - Poomsae


3 x Nordic Champion (2006, 2007, 2009, no competition 2008)


Masters Games 2011

Rank 1

2011 Europe A-class (undefeated)

Win world champion

At Korea Open 2013 Defeating both the reigning world champion from WC2012 and upcoming world champion of WC2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

International champion

10 consecutive wins international A-Class in Europe and Korea between July 2010--July 2013

9th place (Pair)

World Championships 2009


International Referee Poomsae and Kyorugi

Participated at the first ever international poomsae referee seminar in Korea 2004.

Referee at the Nordic Championships, European Championships, British National Championships, Finnish Open and Belgium Open.

Also Kyorugi I.R. at the European Championships, Nordic Championships and several Europe A-Class

Teaching experience

Taekwondo instructor since 1986. I have teached in Korea, England, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland, Thailand and Australia with top credentials.

Results Kyorugi for my club

2008 Swedish Kyorugi National Championships - Best Children’s Team and total 3rd Best Team. Between 2007-2009 my club is the best team in East Swedish Federation.

Several national team players with several Swedish and Nordic champions.

Results Poomsae for my club

Poomsae competition in Sweden starts 2004.

My team is still (2015) undefeated champions in Sweden.

Several Swedish and Nordic Champions

My daughter is 5th place in European Championships in Serbia 2015 (In 4/1-final lost to winner Claudia Peters from Germany)


Head Coach Results:

Swedish Poomsae National Team Coach (Dec 2008-May2010)

During my 18 month as coach, the Swedish poomsae team participated in all the championships and did its best result ever in the Swedish history:

  • 2009 Nordic Championships in Reykjavik/Iceland
    • 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze - Swedish Team NC best results ever
  • 2009 World Championships in Cairo/Egypt
    • One 7th place & two 9th places – Swedish Team WC best result ever
  • 2009 European Championships in Portugal
    • Two 7th places – Swedish Team EC best result ever
  • 2010 Nordic Championships in Oslo/Norway
    • 5 Gold, 2 silver and three 4th places.
      • Swedish team grabbed the most gold medals of the Nordic countries


Finnish Poomsae National Team Coach (January 2013-July 2015)

  • Belgium Open A-Class March 2013
    • Finnish Poomsae National Team does its best A-Class competition ever and win the Trophy as The Best Team
  • Spanish Open A-Class April 2013
    • Finnish Poomsae National Team make new A-Class competition record results
  • European Championships April 2013
    • New championships results for Finland with five finals
  • Nordic Championships May 2013
    • Best Country and new NC record results for Finland
  • World Championships Nov 2014
    • Bronze medal (3rd European Junior Male player to grab a WC medal) (Finland’s first ever WC medal in Taekwondo, inclusive Kyorugi)
    • Two 5th place
  • European Championships June 2015 (Finland’s best ever Taekwondo results ever. In Poomsae from Rank 20 in Europe to Rank 7)
    • Gold (Frans who grabbed bronze as junior in WC2014 now grab gold as Senior) (Finland Taekwondo first ever championships gold medal in Taekwondo, inclusive Kyorugi)
    • 1 Silver and 2 Bronze (Total 4 medals)
    • Three 5th places

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