Master Sérgio Ramos (5º dan)

Master Sérgio Ramos


Name                            Sérgio Ramos

Nationality                    Portuguese

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Date of Birth                 28.08.1976 in Lisbon

Education and Work:

Technical Designer for AutoCAD 3D in AERLIS

Technical Designer for AutoCAD 2002-Level I in AERLIS

Binational Design-Workshop at the University of Kassel in Germany in 2001. Exhibition in Kassel and Lisbon.

Degree in Equipment and Space Design by Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology with an average of 14 points. (5 years degree)

Course of History of Art – Surrealism Taught in Sintra Museum of Modern Art by Professor. Mário Rui Gonçalves, Art Critic and Professor at the Lisbon Faculty of Letters.

Bachelor of Equipment Design by Lusófona University with average values of 14.

Completion of 12th grade in Art and Design High School Cidade Universitária.

Taekwondo Experience:

Taekwondo Coach Grade 2, conducted between September and December 2010, by the Portuguese TKD Federation.

Taekwondo Coach Grade 1, conducted between October and December 2009, by the Portuguese TKD Federation.

Associative Referee in Kyrougi (Fights) Course class C by Taekwondo Association of Extremadura in 2008.

Associative Technique Referee Course 2nd class in 2005 by Taekwondo Association of Extremadura.

Associative Technique Referee Course 3rd class in 2005 by Taekwondo Association of Extremadura.

Federative Referee in Poomsae (Forms) in the sport of Taekwondo since 2005.

Preletor with Masters Abílio Costa(Portugal), Manuel Ballesteros (Spain), Alfonso Guedella (Spain), Seung Han (Korea), Francisco Tilve (Spain), Francisco Penin (Spain), Miguel Meilan (Spain), Jose Loren ( Spain), Jose Vega (Spain) and Esperanza Meilan (Spain)  in the  1st Technical Summer Camp of Taekwondo, Camposancos A Guarda, Spain,6 to 9 of July 2017.

Responsible for the Taekwondo Department and Instructor, in the company Budo Juku Martial Arts in Dubai, UAE in 2016.

Organizer and Preletor in Poomsae Competition Seminar 2014 with the Masters Pedro Tomás 5ºDan and Tiago Francisco 5ºDan in the CDR Miratejo, on June 7, 2014.

IV Technical-Sportiv Seminar of Taekwondo. Speaker on stage for Kup Poomsae Competition, Self Defense and Olympic fight, with the Masters Tiago Francisco 5ºdan and Pedro Tomás 5ºdan at Alto dos Moinhos, Seixal, 13 and 14 April 2013.

RIG- Reykjavik International Games, lecturer in Poomsae competition seminar along with Edina Lents (Denmark), 17 and 18 January 2013.

Olympic Day – Taekwondo Masterclass in the Olympic closing week, on June 6, 2012.

Organization of the Portugal Championships of Taekwondo in Sintra, in Hockey Club of Sintra, on February 18, 2012.

Collaborating on the stand of the Portuguese Federation of Taekwondo in the Olympic week in the Hall of FIL in 2010.

Taekwondo Instructor since 2010 and auxiliary Taekwondo Instructor since 2003.

Practitioner of the martial art of Taekwondo between 1989/92 at the Gymnasium BodyMasters.

5th Dan (black belt) since October 2014.

Practitioner of martial art Hapkido, between 2000 to 2002 in the Portuguese Association Yang Hum Kwan Hapkido.

7 times individual, 8 times team synchro and 2 times mix pair National Poomsae Champion

Iberian Champion in the Iberian Cup-2008 in the categories of 1st Trio and 2nd Senior Male in Coruna / Spain.

European Bronze medalist in team synchro 2013, individual in 2015 and 2019 and in mix pair in 2017.

World finalist (8th place) in 2008 and 2009 individual (first Portuguese getting through a final) and finalist in 2013 in synchro Team (6th place).

Coach of the first Portuguese World champion in Taekwondo.

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